Mobilegeddon 2015

How to Survive the Dreaded #Mobilegeddon

Is Your Business Armed and Ready?

April 21st 2015 will go down in SEO and web design history as the day Google upped its algorithm for “Mobile -Friendliness”. Some people are calling it Mobilegeddon. It sounds more like a big joke, but in terms the Google search engine it’s the biggest change of the past three years. White Hat SEO specialists will be armed with laptops, code, programs, and best practices to make sure everyone survives.

SEO specialists and web-designers knew this day was coming. Sirf Marketing has been only designing responsive websites for years. In a mobile driven world, having a website that was viewable on multiple devices and tablets is a must.

Here is an infograph that outlines some of the things to look for when facing the dreaded Mobilegeddon:


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