How and when to post on social media [Infograph]

Proper timing for your Social Media posts So much of digital marketing these days is about producing high-quality content that gets published and shared. You can control the publishing part. Can you control the sharing part? Sharing begins with promotion—the timing, targeting, and strategy behind solid distribution. To achieve your social media benchmarks, you need to understand what type […]

How to use #Hashtags

Using Hashtags Properly

Let’s Get You Using Hashtags Today! Hashtags have become all the rage on social media lately. They can be a very useful tool when properly used to market your business.  To start off…what the heck are Hashtags anyway? You can use Hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in your updates. Tagging has been around for […]

If Content is King…then Planning is its Top Advisor

Why Content is King? If content is king…then ‘planned strategies’ must be its top adviser. Many businesses start marketing via social media without a planned strategy. This might work for a little while, but may cause undesirable effects in the long run. A social media campaign must be perfectly planned from the onset to be […]