Event Marketing Infographic

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Event Marketing Fredericton

Power Event Marketing Tips Social media marketing can be a powerful way to boost your event marketing, with a range of tools and options available to help spread the message. To help you maximize exposure for your next event, this infographic outlines how you can, and should, use each of the major platforms in your outreach strategy. […]

Email Marketing

The Importance Continual Marketing Strategies

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Continual Marketing Strategies

Continual Marketing as a Path to Business Success It is said that marketing is the lifeblood of business. It is astounding how many businesses let their marketing go to the wayside. Either the marketing dollars run out, the management is too busy with day-to-day operations to care or they just don’t understand the importance of […]


The Top Five Social Media Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Re-blogged from the Social Media Examiner at: http://www.business2community.com/social-media/top-five-social-media-marketing-mistakes-fix-0681757 Social media marketing is still the hot topic in town. But even large businesses with expert marketers on the job make rookie mistakes when it comes to social media. Here are the top five social media marketing mistakes that you need to watch out for. #1. Using […]

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Christmas Marketing – When Is Too Early?

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Marketing Tips for Christmas

Tis’ the Season for Christmas Marketing Marketing for the Christmas season is always important to retailers. Businesses always want to get a jump start on their Christmas marketing to best their competition for the busiest sales season of the year. Black Friday is on every retailer’s mind – big or small. When is Too Early […]


Some Twitter Tips

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Twitter Tips

Leverage Twitter for Your Business Everyone wants to push their company or products on Twitter. Social media is not about being pushy, but rather it is about engaging people and building relationships with them. Having only a few characters to engage your audience makes it a complicated task. Here are some tips to properly market […]