Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management Solutions That Work

Sometimes an organization needs more than just marketing to be successful, and to serve its clients properly. Sirf Marketing is uniquely partnered with ECM providers to offer the best  Enterprise Content Management solutions, with a focus on security. Our partners work with Open Text, Microsoft and others to help put your mind at ease that you have the right organization for your important project.

Our enterprise-focused solutions respond directly to the unique concerns of your organization. We fully understand that choosing an ECM solution is more than just a software investment. We realize that it is a total investment in your organization’s ability to provide products or services which support your business objectives in the future.

Many organizations can benefit from our ECM Services; from Heath Care Providers, and Law Offices, to Private Industry, and Governmental Agencies. Let us stream-line your organization.

Here is a list of our Enterprise Content Management Solutions:

  • Open Text Livelink Implementation
  • Open Text Content Server 10 Implementation
  • Open Text eDocs Implemetation
  • Alfresco Implementation
  • Nuxeo Implementation
  • Google Docs
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Data Migration
  • Altirnao
  • ProLaw

Document Management

Sirf Marketing offers customized system or applications software which allows your organization to easily track, as well as, store e-documents. These important systems are viewed as a basic component of ECM systems. This software is capable of keeping track of the different versions of your documents (modified by different users), and allowing periodic history tracking. They are also related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems, as well as, records management systems.

Records Management

Sirf Marketing will maintain systems that manage the important records of your organization. We are concerned primarily with the evidence of your organization’s activities, which includes a well-organized file plan that enables the organization to find or retrieve your information easily.

Enterprise Content Management Solutions That You Can Count On

Sirf Marketing is proud to provide single-source solutions to help build, monitor, maintain, and support enterprise networks or unified communications. Our solutions will help your organization reduce costs; improve your organization’s productivity; aid your organization in making better decisions with business intelligence; and continually grow your business with innovative managed IT services. In short, Sirf Marketing’s Enterprise Content Management solutions provides different ways to access the content, recognize its value, then act on it for better business insight and outcomes.

We do all of this, because, we are here to help you realize the greatest value for your IT investment, as well, equip your organization for long-term success. Contact Sirf today and get us working for you!

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