Off The Charts Penticton Press Releases

Get Ready To Rock Here are some press releases for Off The Charts Penticton. They appeared all over British Columbia in publications, such as: Okanagan Life Magazine, The Penticton Herald, The Penticton Western, The Oliver Chronicle, University of Victoria (UVIC),, Spotted in Penticton, InfoNews Penticton, Interior Daily News, and more! Off The Charts Penticton […]

CSETMail Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 17th, 2016 Welcome to the New Age of Email CSETMail Looks to Change the Way Emails are Sent Vancouver, BC Canada | In a technology-driven world that is highly concerned with security, privacy and added features, email clients often fall short in consumer’s eyes. CSETMail (Confidential Secure Email Transfer), a start-up […]

Spotted in Penticton Press Release

The South Okanagan’s Very Own Social Site November 20, 2014 For Immediate Release The South Okanagan’s Very Own Social Site Sirf Marketing owner, David MacCoubrey is proud to announce the official launch of the local social site; Spotted in Penticton (SIP). Spotted in Penticton is the place to connect with people solely from the Penticton […]

Tin Whistle Brewing Company

Ready For Some Craft Beer From The Tin Whistle Brewing Company Here are some Press Releases for Penticton’s oldest craft brewery Tin Whistle Brewing Company. They have appeared all across Canada in such publications (online and paper) as: Canadian Beer News, Penticton Herald, Beer Me BC, What’s Brewing, Mike’s Craft Beer, and more. Put Your […]