CSET Mail Video

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Innovative Email This video was designed, by Sirf Marketing, as an introduction video for CSET Mail, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With CSETMAIL (Cyber Secure Email Transfer), you the sender are always in control of the electronic information. You choose, the level of security and confidentiality you wish the receiver to respect. Dedicated secure […]

The Drive for Excellence Video

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This video was created, filmed, written, filmed and edited by Sirf Marketing. The video titled, The Drive for Excellence, promoted the local businesses from around the South Okanagan region. It was entered into the first ever Reel Peach Film Festival in Penticton. It earned the most votes in the people’s choice category, but was not […]

Canada Day Video for Fred-E-Scene

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This video was filmed and edited for Fred-E-Scene to cover Canada Day events in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Check it out below: YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP47u9XoVCU


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Get Scene in Fredericton With Fred-E-Scene! This site was developed to help promote Fredericton, New Brunswick and the local region. Sirf Marketing owns the site and has developed everything to do with it, including the logo, images, business card, content, and social media. The site itself is a social media site where users can go […]

Reel Peach Fest

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Reel Peach Fest Website

Sirf Marketing is proud to announce the launch of the Reel Peach Festival website. The Reel Peach Film Festival is being held during the Penticton Peach Festival on August 5th through August 9th, 2015.

Get Out & Vote Penticton Initiative

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Get Out and Vote Logo

Rocking the Vote We were proud to tackle the Get Out and Vote Penticton Initiative for 2014. The problem was time with this campaign…we did it with only 8 days until the election. Our efforts were bolstered an integrated marketing plan including: a cool logo, a Facebook/Twitter Campaign (with ads), a hip-pop video, participating in […]

Spotted In Penticton – Integrated Marketing

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Spotted In Penticton

Penticton We Have Our Eye On You! Site is now out of service Sirf Marketing is proud to have come up with the concept for our newest project: Spotted In Penticton. Spotted in Penticton embraces everything that is positive about Penticton and the surrounding region. It promotes all aspects of the South Okanagan lifestyle…The Cool […]