Feelin’ The Beat Website

Feelin' The Beat Website

This is the website for Jake Evans, author of the children’s book Feelin’ The Beat. The Beat is an instructional urban dance book intended for children and their parents/teachers to have fun reading (and bonding) while learning how to dance.

The website’s ultimate aim is to promote the book directly to children, parents and teachers. The Feelin’ The Beat website is light, fun and modern in look, thus highlighting the urban roots for the book. It is designed as a fully-responsive WordPress Content Management System. It is very simple to use, as well as, contains a myriad of images and videos to entice the young audience it is directed at.

You can view the website here:

Feelin' The Beat Website


URL: http://feelinthebeat.com/

Besides video and images, there are various contact forms, a news/blog section, PayPal integration (where you can buy the book online) and much more. You can also discover more about related side projects of the author on various pages.