Get Scene in Fredericton With Fred-E-Scene!

This site was developed to help promote Fredericton, New Brunswick and the local region. Sirf Marketing owns the site and has developed everything to do with it, including the logo, images, business card, content, and social media. The site itself is a social media site where users can go on and interact like they would on Facebook.

Some features of the site are:

  • Local News
  • Fredericton Information
  • Classifieds Section
  • Integrated weather widget
  • Social media site like Facebook with chat
  • Submit your own News and Photos section
  • Advertising
  • Business Directory
  • Video
  • and much more!

Watch as this site grows.

The Website

Go check it out for yourself…



The logo was designed to be simple and powerful. The colours are based on Fredericton’s official colours. The ‘e’ can be used as an icon