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Video: The Media of the Future

Sirf Marketing is on the cutting edge of new technologies. Web Video is one of the newest ways to market a small business. The rise of social video sites like YouTube and Vevo have bolstered the popularity of video, like never before. This page is dedicated to showcasing professional video and animation work for our clients.

Sirf is proud to now offer web video and custom animations, for its clients. Click the video to start – watch in full screen! Imagine your business in video format. Please enjoy our video portfolio.

Our Own Introduction Video

Sirf Marketing is a social media and web marketing solution provider. Sirf Marketing is an exciting marketing management company, based in the Okanagan Valley, offering marketing services in Canada from coast-to-coast.

Introduction Video for MACCID Consulting Ltd.

This video was made for the MACCID Consulting Ltd. website to highlight points about the new BC Strata Depreciation Reports.

MACCID Consulting Ltd is a medium-sized General Contractor that specializes in the construction, inspection and development of residential, commercial and multi-family residential buildings, throughout southern British Columbia. Based in the city of Penticton, MACCID is there for all of your construction-based needs.

Here is the intro movie we made for Gregor’s Gourmet.

Gregor’s Gourmet is a multifaceted food service organization. Gregor’s Gourmet offers gourmet, mobile concessions, as well as, private in-house catering and organic food products, while maintaining a focus on sustainability and organically grown food. Here is the intro movie we made for Gregor’s Gourmet.

Gregor’s Gourmet is establishing themselves as the healthy and delicious choice for the Okanagan Valley. Owner Gregory Fuchs is a Red-Seal Chef, who aims to make to the right choice the best choice for you.

(live video footage provided by client)

Introduction Video for Giving Others A Boost

Their non-profit group, Giving Others a Boost, holds showcasing events every 2 months and the focus is always on “Giving Others a Boost”. Their mandate is to provide added exposure for entrepreneurs or small businesses, local wineries, musicians, artists, writers and photographers and to work with local charities to not only give them a financial boost, but to showcase their great cause as well.

The proceeds of their last few functions have been donated to South Okanagan Women In Need Society (SOWINS), South Okanagan Therapeutic Riding Association (SOTRA), Gathering Grounds Cafe Society, South Okanagan Victim Assistance Society (SOVAS) and Pathways Addictions.

Introduction Video for CMS Consulting Inc.

This video was designed for CMS Consulting Inc by Sirf Marketing, as an introduction video on their website! CMS Consulting Inc is your knowledge management and risk mitigation experts for New England and Eastern Canada.

Today’s organizations depend on their knowledge for competitive advantage, regulatory compliance and efficiency. IT security is changing daily. CMS Consulting, Inc. is uniquely positioned to offer the best of breed enterprise content management solutions with a security focus. We are the right company to help you implement your records management and integrated document management solutions and protect your sensitive information. CMS Consulting Inc. offers professional solutions for your knowledge protection and management needs.

Bob Shabaga ‘Tenderness’ Video

Bob picked up a guitar at the age 16 and never looked back. He was mostly influenced by James Taylor and Cat Stevens. He incorporated their ‘style’ of guitar playing into his own, mixing classical finger picking, rhythm, bass, and lead all into one. Bob is a multidimensional musician, playing: Banjo, Keyboards, Mandolin, Congas and other rhythm instruments.

This is the first music video by Sirf Marketing!

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