Some Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips

Leverage Twitter for Your Business

Everyone wants to push their company or products on Twitter. Social media is not about being pushy, but rather it is about engaging people and building relationships with them. Having only a few characters to engage your audience makes it a complicated task. Here are some tips to properly market your business on Twitter:

Twitter TipsDo:

1. Thank people for following you on Twitter. Try to mention something unique about them to let them know that you are paying attention or give a polite and friendly salutation.

2. Use the @ sign when addressing someone (such as @sirfmarketing) to allow them to have some exposure in the @mentions sections and so they will know that you mentioned them. They may respond back!

3. Use the # sign to differentiate identifiers for people (such as ‘Have a good day in #Penticton @sirfmarketing. I hope you enjoy #Peachfest this year!) This allows for keywords to be created to identify trends and locate people.

4. Please be genuine. People are tired of false, pushy advertising.

5. Talk like you normally would. Don’t use slang or colloquialisms or be over wordy. Just be natural. It is a great way to interface with your audience.

6. Do follow people back.

Here are some don’ts:

1. Don’t push yourself too much. Try to talk about your industry or business by providing quotes, telling jokes or posting relevant links. It is a covert marketing scheme.

2. Please do not use an auto-responder. Just because you can use an auto-responder email on Twitter-don’t. It comes off as tacky and annoying and very impersonal.

3. Do not alienate people on Twitter. You never know who is going to be a potential client or who is a friend of a potential client.

4. Never talk bad about a competitors business – it just makes your business look bad.

5. Do not ask people to follow you on Facebook. It is assumed that you are already on Facebook…or place the link in the little profile section on top. It is very unprofessional and tacky to push yourself so hard on people.

I hope these tips help you out when using Twitter to market your business.

Happy tweeting and good luck.