The Growth of Social Media in 2012

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Social Media Marketing grew bigger than ever in 2012. Marketers from small and large businesses alike, took advantage of the social networks, apps and other web marketing sites to market their respective companies. Like websites in the 90’s, social media has now become a must have for business. As well, E-commerce has become commonplace in websites, letting businesses reach out to potential clients like never before!

The continual growth of the social sites is what keeps them on top. Here is a list of the big changes that happened in the web sphere in 2012.

1. Facebook Purchases Instagram – Facebook bought the photo sharing site in April for one Billion dollars. In December, Instagram updated their privacy policies that angered users by suggesting the company would sell their pictures to advertisers. They softened their policies to appease their users. What will happen with the photo sharing site in 2013?

2. Twitter Changes Profile – In September Twitter rolled out its new look that was more “Facebook’ like. The new look is more appealing than the previous. It allows for the user to have more control over the look of their profile. It is being predicted by Twitter is going to be more powerful in the new year. Maybe the new profile is working?

3. Pinterest Offers Business Profiles РIn November, the online pinboard site Pinterest announced that it would now offer business profiles. It is now an avenue for businesses to reach out to the masses. It will be interesting to see how it grows in 2013.

4. Google + Adds Business Profiles –¬† Google + started in 2011. It was the latest offering from web giant Google, who wanted to jump in the social media sphere. The site was a social site that was a stripped down Facebook that integrated well with Google apps. In late 2012, Google + finally created business profiles for its users.

5. Facebook Integrates with Skype – making the social site more social! Need I say more?

6. Facebook Introduces Timeline for Pages – Facebook forced its pages users over to its Timeline model. It features a larger cover photo, a new layout and special features. Some users protested, but I think after they got used to it…appreciated the change!

7. LinkedIn Changes Profile – the business networking giant changed the look of user’s profiles in December 2012. As well, users can now easily ‘endorse other user’s skill-set. Will the site make any other changes in 2013? We will have to wait and see!

8. WordPress Updates to Version 3.5 – Blogging site WordPress updated to version 3.5 in late 2012. It is a sleeker looking upgrade, that also fixes bugs in the software.

9. YouTube Updates Look – Early in 2012 – YouTube the video sharing site updated its look to a more modern look!

Well, with all of these changes in 2012 to social networking sites…it will be interesting to see how many changes will happen in 2013.