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How to use #Hashtags

Let’s Get You Using Hashtags Today!

Hashtags have become all the rage on social media lately. They can be a very useful tool when properly used to market your business.  To start off…what the heck are Hashtags anyway?

You can use Hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in your updates. Tagging has been around for a long time in the blog world, as well. They are used to mark keywords or topics in Tweets (Twitter) or Posts (Facebook). They are composed of a single word or a phrase beginning with the “#” (hash or pound). Additionally, hashtags must contain no spaces or punctuation, ie. #hashtags, or #ilovecheeseburgers, or #socialmedia.

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Show Us How Ridiculous We Sound When We Use Overuse Hashtags

Clicking on a hashtag will lead you to a search featuring Tweets or Posts that contain that same hashtag. You will see them used around Twitter or Facebook in a variety of locations—including in trending topics. Hashtags were originally created by Twitter users and have become a way to participate in global conversations. Facebook recently added them to their platform, as an added feature.

That being said, misuse of hashtags can lead to annoyance for some users. Here are some tips to help you use them more effectively:

1. Understand hashtags

The social media world is vast and can be a little confusing to navigate. Hashtags are one of the most important, easy, and efficient ways of organizing information on Twitter or Facebook. Anyone can make a hashtag at any time, by simply typing a phrase/word in the form “#topic” in a tweet. Using them properly can increase the visibility of your posts/tweets. Great for getting your business or product out to the people.

2. Choose your hashtags carefully/Test your hashtags

Hashtags are not one-and-done. Take time to see how others are using them. Test a potential hashtag by typing it into the search bar in Twitter or Facebook. You want your hashtag to be universal…others should be able to use them, too!

3. Create your own hashtag

However, don’t be afraid to create your own hashtag (they do have to start somewhere). Use your own unique tag, and bolster the strength of your post by using a popular one.

4. Use hashtags sparingly

The rule is pretty much: Use up to, but no more than, two hashtags in a message. Any more and it comes off as spam.

5. A tag may be inserted anywhere within a message.

Don’t hesitate to use a #hashtag in the middle of a sentence.

6. A hashtag is not a replacement for a space in your sentence.

In short, #Please#Don’t#Do#This#In#Your#Posts. Really…don’t

7. Be Obvious

Sometimes it is better to be Captain #Obvious.

8. Hashtags must be useful

After it is all said and done, we must take care not to make hashtags too broad, or add them to insignificant phrases within a message. ie My #new shoes are awesome. ‘New’ is just too general.

9. Definitely use Hashtags to #Market Your Business

You can use Hashtags to promote special events, items/products of interest, add locations to tweets, join in conversations about related topics, and so much more.

Hopefully these tips help you use hashtags more efficiently and effectively…because don’t want to annoy any one.

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