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marketing tips

Navigating the Marketing Maze for Small Business

Oftentimes, small business owners push their marketing plans to the bottom of their never-ending list of chores. This can be a costly mistake for the hard-working entrepreneur. Marketing is the engine that engages, and drives clients to small business. Let me guide you through the maze of modern marketing and beyond.

Here are the slides for the discussion:

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marketing tips

  1. Introduction

A) About Sirf Web Marketing Strategies and owner David MacCoubrey

B) Quick intro to Web Marketing/Marketing

  1. What does small business marketing mean in 2013?

A) Small business needs in 2013

B) Business stats explaining Small Businesses/Solopreneur

          1. The “many hats” of the modern entrepreneur.

 Outlining the many jobs of the modern entrepreneur. ie. Janitor, bookkeeper, production, marketer, cashier, stock-person, etc.

          1. The importance of marketing your small business.

 Marketing and its role in driving the modern business. Will share some success stories.

  1. What are the options for marketing a small business today?

 A) Traditional Marketing (Print Marketing/Networking/Grand-Openings/Contests…)

What are the basis of traditional marketing techniques and why they work.

 B) Modern Web Marketing

          1. Quick History of the Web

 From humble beginnings to websites to social media sites.

          1. Websites

Function and form. Must have marketing catch-all. The role of Content Management Systems.

          1. Social Media Marketing

 The ultimate must have in marketing. Engage clients like never before. Content is king.

          1. E-Commerce

The website as your 24 hour a day salesperson.

          1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The rise of the Search Engine machine and its importance to modern small businesses.

          1. Web Video

 The big boss in captivating your audience.

   g. Email Marketing

         More than just spam

                                  h. Analytics and Optimization

 Learning about your clients, like never before.

  1. Pros and cons of the web marketing solutions.

 This would be a facilitated discussion of the audience’s views about modern marketing. I would discuss each method of marketing, then encourage the audience to express their opinions or concerns for each marketing solution.

  1. The future of these marketing strategies.

 This section would present the future of various marketing strategies and what the outlook is for various marketing techniques, such as social media or QR Codes. How does this apply to your small business?

  1. Conclusion