Web Marketing 2013 Recap

Web Marketing Recap 2013

Continual Growth of Technology and Web Marketing

2013 was another big year for web marketing. From the rise of the ‘selfie’ to Twitter going public to a new algorithm for Google – it has been quite the ride. I like to do a recap of the past year to show where the trends may be going in the near future.

The trend for people getting online is continuing to grow, as more people are getting connected via mobile phones and tablets. It is not just the youth either, seniors are starting to embrace the technology like never before. This had led to record numbers on social sites, websites, and for online shopping.

Web Marketing Recap 2013As the year comes to an end. Social media giant Facebook still remains on top of its competitors. However, its share of the market has been somewhat diminished. Twitter and Pinterest continue to gain users and are steadily growing.

Facebook Pages had a major re-haul this past year. Pages now allow for larger preview images on posts, have changed the Insights section to be more detailed, changed their search algorithm, and Facebook Ads/Sponsored Stories are now a must for business, as engagement numbers drop through the floor. Many analysts are blaming Facebook shareholders, who are using the ads as a money grab for the popular site. We knew this was coming, so marketers and businesses will have to get used to paying for Facebook Ads to increase views/engagement on their pages in 2014. Social media is not free anymore.

Twitter also started offering paid ads in 2013. This service is most likely an answer to their shareholders, as they are now a publicly traded company. Luckily the stock had a better start than Facebook. Another major change to Twitter was the addition of a new interface and the ability to have multiple news feeds.

Another reason that Twitter may be implementing changes is to compete with Pinterest. Pinterest has moved into the number three spot in social media dominance. The picture/info-graph driven site is becoming more and more popular. It is now considered a fun and exciting way to engage with users. Businesses are leveraging the site in unique ways to promote their brands. Watch out for this site in 2014…it is not just for women anymore.

Google + is continuing to grow. Although the growth is slower than anticipated, the site is gaining notoriety amongst users. We look for big things for this social site in the upcoming year. Google is always changing so it will be exciting to see what they roll out.

Google turned many heads this year with the release of their new algorithm, Hummingbird, in September. The changes were considered very drastic, as many of the changes were cloaked in secrecy. Of what is known, the new algorithm will focus on a content-driven model, and stray away from back-links and keywords. Many SEO analysts believe this is the proper direction for the search engine giant. Watch for changes to Hummingbird in 2014.

Google GlassesGoogle has also shaken things up with their Google Glasses. It is a technology that turns glasses into a walking computer on your face. It is just one of the many mobile gadgets starting to appear. From ‘watch’ phones to new tablets to Google Glasses, the range of technology-based products is sky-rocketing. This will present unique ways to market to niche markets in the future. What will they come up next?

Developers for WordPress understand this technological trend. Big strides were made in 2013 to try to make interfaces that were responsive. Responsive web design (RWD) is moving to the fore-front of web design strategies.  The RW Designapproach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). wikipedia

This change is reflected in new updates from the blogging/web design company. The infrastructure is being developed to be more mobile-friendly. This is further accented by the many widgets, and templates that strive to be responsive. This is a must have for the business looking to cater to an on-demand, mobile population.

Social Sites to Watch in 2014

Social sites themselves will continue to evolve and change. They are all jostling to have unique options and features to better serve their users. Many will offer more paid options for advertising to appease investors. It will make decisions for precious marketing dollars a little harder.

The sites to keep an eye on are:

  • Facebook and Twitter – of course
  • LinkedIn is continually growing and changing to serve its clients better
  • Pinterest is becoming very popular
  • Google + is slowly growing and improving
  • Youtube will continue to be a major player for micro video
  • It looks like MySpace may rise from the dead in 2014. Thank you JT.
  • Tumblr will continue to grow…although many analysts believe it needs a major overhaul of its infrastructure.
  • Foursquare has been struggling…but keep your eye on it
  • Of course Instgram continues to grow. The selfie needs an avenue to grow

Marketing in 2014

Content is going to be the most important factor in marketing in 2014. Whether it is engaging content on a social media site, or interesting blog posts on your website….Content is Still King. This is driven by users demands, and by companies like Google and Facebook Search.

As marketers strive to offer the best content for users…analytics will become increasingly more important. You will find more social sites offering detailed analytics to aid businesses in their perfection of content. Website analytic data will become increasing more stringent, as well.

When it is all said and done…businesses will need to be on the cutting edge of technology to stay on top of their competitors. Whether they decide to use professional marketing companies, or do it themselves…business owners must keep up on what is going on in the web sphere to stay one step ahead.

Here is to an awesome year in web marketing in 2014.