WordPress 4.0 Released

Wordpress 4.0 Release 2014

WordPress 4.0 Brings New & Useful Features to its Platform

WordPress just launched WordPress 4.0, which adds a myriad of new features to give you a “smoother writing and management experience” with the popular blog management tool.

The new update has been named “Benny” in honor of American jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman. Check out the video below to discover the newest features.

The Features

Want the new release…you can download it from WordPress.org/Download (6.3MB).

  • Focus on your website’s or blog’s content: Writing and editing is now smoother, and more immersive with an editor that expands to fit your content as you write. It keeps your formatting tools available at all times. Meaning LESS scrolling while working.
  • Manage your media with style: Explore your uploads in a beautiful, endless grid. A new details preview makes viewing and editing any amount of media in sequence a snap.
  • Finding the right plugin: There are more than 30,000 free and open source plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. WordPress 4.0 makes it easier to find the right one for your needs, with new metrics, improved search, and a more visual browsing experience.
  • Working with embeds has never been easier: Paste in a YouTube URL, or a Twitter link on a new line, and it magically become an embedded video or a tweet. The editor displays a real-time preview of your embedded content, making your life easier.

Here is the full list of supported embeds that WordPress now supports:

Service Embed Type Since
Animoto Videos WordPress 4.0
Blip Videos WordPress 2.9
CollegeHumor Videos WordPress 4.0
DailyMotion Videos WordPress 2.9
Flickr Videos & Images WordPress 2.9
FunnyOrDie.com Videos WordPress 3.0
Hulu Videos WordPress 2.9
Imgur Images WordPress 3.9
Instagram Images WordPress 3.5
Issuu Documents WordPress 4.0
Meetup.com Various WordPress 3.9
Mixcloud Music WordPress 4.0
Photobucket Images WordPress 2.9
PollDaddy Polls & Surveys WordPress 3.0
Rdio Music WordPress 3.6
Revision3 TV shows WordPress 2.9
Scribd Documents WordPress 2.9
SlideShare Presentation slideshows WordPress 3.5
SmugMug Photos WordPress 3.0
SoundCloud Music WordPress 3.5
Spotify Music WordPress 3.6
TED Videos WordPress 4.0
Twitter Social media WordPress 3.4
Vimeo Video WordPress 2.9
YouTube Videos WordPress 2.9
WordPress.tv Videos WordPress 2.9


  • Twitter – older versions of WordPress have issues with https embeds, just remove the s from the https to fix.
  • YouTube – only public and “unlisted” videos and playlists – “private” videos will not embed.

Other Features

  • Choosing Your Own Language On Installation
  • Improvements to TinyMCE Views
  • New Plugin Installation Experience
  • New Widget Customizer Panel
  • New Accessibility Features
  • Updated External Libraries