New Website/Logo for Jagwire Technologies Inc.

Jagwire Technologies Inc - Canadian Website Design

Jagwire – Outpacing the Competition

We are proud to announce the launch of a new brand for Jagwire Technologies Inc.. Jagwire is a business technologies solution provider, offer services such as: enterprise content management, records management, cyber-security, networking, and more. Today, we are releasing the website and logo, with a social media presence, brochure, and introduction video to follow. This is a soft launch as some features will be updated or added to over the next few months. This was all part of the marketing plan provided by Sirf Marketing.

Jagwire Technologies LogoThe logo is simple with thin elegant text in the Jagwire brand of red. The dot on the “i” is a wireless icon recognizing the technology component of the company. The logo is finished with black text on the bottom. It is simple, powerful and effective.

The website follows the red and black theme. The header even contains black and white photography – which is classy and classic at the same time. View the website below:


Jagwire Technologies Inc - Canadian Website DesignThe website is a responsive design making it viewable on multiple browsers, devices and operating systems.  It is a WordPress Content Management System, which is perfect for a growing business like Jagwire.

The look is sleek and clean, making it very easy to navigate. The site features (will feature) a blog, contact forms, search capabilities, social media/video integration, search engine optimization, and more.  Watch as the marketing for this innovative company expands.