Turning Threats Into Opportunities With Marketing

This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on those things that been put aside due to being too busy. In short, this is the exact time to ramp up your business marketing.

With the onset of the Coronavirus, many businesses have been shut down, or are just scrambling to reposition their brand in the now unstable marketplace. It is scary scenario. It is also very stressful. But with the right attitude, and a little elbow grease, it is a very doable task.

Business owners may find that they now have a lot of extra time on their hands during this outbreak. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on those things that have been put aside due to being too busy. In short, this is the exact time to ramp up your business marketing. Not only will it help bring customers and clients to your business…you can also hit the ground running, when the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. Note: we are talking virtually, or within the confines of safe distancing protocols for your given industry.

I am going to share some examples of businesses that are embracing the storm and changing how they do business, and using marketing to achieve these goals. The first business that we will discuss is CMS Consulting Inc.. CMS Consulting is a longtime client of Sirf Marketing. They are a risk mitigation expert for North America. They specialize, in enterprise content management, and cyber-resilience. They offer a wide array of other IT solutions to help organizations run more effeciently.

Like any other business in this coronavirus fueled economic crisis, CMS had to take a good look at how they were going to move forward with this situation. They responded with marketing. Of course, they are not able to meet with clients face-to-face, due to physical distancing. CMS has prided itself on providing this personalized, hands-on approach to their clients, since they were founded over a decade ago.

They had to roll with the situation, and started offering phone or Skype meetings, or corresponding with clients through emails. They instantly, went to social media (as well as other channels), to inform their valuable clients that service is continuing. That their information was still in good hands, in spite of the overall situation.

We are sure that their strategy will help keep them open during this difficult time. They were able change and adapt their business model to meet client needs, and use marketing to promote their brand. That brings us to Fred-E-Scene, who also changed their business model to match market demand.

Fred-E-Scene is a social media and news site that promotes the local Fredericton region. The site usually posted local events and sports or fundraisers and local news. While achieving a decent amount of page views for the region over its 3+ years lifespan, it wanted to move to the next level. When the coronavirus hit, it felt like it might be time to close up shop for the duration of the epidemic.

The online e-zine decided to go with the flow and start publishing COVID-19 news related to the region. Users responded immediately. Page views skyrocketed, and the site set itself up as a COVID-19 news source for the region, even adding a special section to its site.

As the graphs (above) demonstrate, Fred-E-Scene page views climbed as the coronavirus self-isolation carried on. This was due to the fact that users were bored, and the information being presented was topical to their needs. It was a complete 180 on the news that was offered two weeks earlier. Fred-E-Scene saw a trend and went with it.

Fred-E-Scene also decided to try running ads on Facebook to bolster their numbers. The ads were relatively cheap, and helped grow the amount of Facebook users that engaged the site. The image to the right shows the growth of users on the Facebook page over a two week period.

Fred-E-Scene only spent $10 in ads to get 5300 views on the ads and around 80 fans. That is relatively cheap, and got the desired results that the site was hoping for. It is another demonstration of how changing your thinking during a period of threats, can improve your business. Turning lead into gold using marketing.

That brings us to what Sirf Marketing has done during the coronavirus outbreak. Knowing that physical distancing was going to impact our business negatively, we used marketing to get our message out to our target markets. Sirf came up with a few different approaches to achieve our marketing goals.

“We are offering up-to one hour of free marketing or design consultation, to see if we can help you out during this tough time. This is a perfect time to tighten up your organization’s marketing. Space is limited. Sirf will also offer a discount during the COVID crisis of 50 percent off of our regular prices to help businesses that may be feeling the pinch from this unfortunate lock-down.”

Sirf Marketing advertised this special on our, website (on a special page), on various social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn), and even boosted the post on our Facebook page. Additionally, Sirf posted the special around various Facebook groups that catered to small business. The efforts instantly generated traffic to the site, and had users interacting with us. We also have plans to leverage our email marketing list, as well as a few other tricks, including posts like this, that promote our business and still provide marketing tips to our users.

The moral of the story is that with a bit of innovative thinking, and some marketing savvy, businesses can turn threats like the coronavirus outbreak into opportunities. We hope this works for your organization during these hard times. We want these case studies to inspire you. Stay safe.