Thanksgiving Marketing Tips

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Fall is upon us and it’s almost time for Thanksgiving. As the air gets colder and leaves begin to change colour, it is the time for succulent turkey, savoury stuffing, sweet pie and spicy family. Of course, it is the season for Pumpkin Spice everything. It is also a great way to market your business or organization. Whether you are in Canada or the United States, it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to do for your Thanksgiving marketing. Don’t worry, Sirf Marketing + Design has you covered. Check out these tips and tricks to get you going.

As always, we recommend to plan, plan, plan when it comes to your holiday marketing. It is good to make sure that you start implementing your marketing a month or more before the holiday.

Thanksgiving Messaging

It is very appropriate to post messages of gratitude and thankfulness on your social media platforms, on your website and in your print design! You want to choose messaging that matches your brand. Things that you might want to say as your business…

  • We are thankful for the support of the community
  • Thank you for your patronage throughout these years!
  • We want to thank you for trusting us all these years! 
  • We couldn’t have made it to where we are today if not for you, thank you. 
  • You are among our greatest blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • We are thankful for all of our amazing customers

Host A Thanksgiving Shopping Event

If you have a physical brick and mortar location, hold a Thanksgiving-themed event for customers. Get your store decorated for the season ,or a couple dozen Thanksgiving cookies for shoppers to munch on while they browse. Maybe you can offer free gift wrapping and pre-Black Friday discounts to entice people to shop early. You could have a special Thanksgiving Day contest in conjunction with the event.

Have fun, get creative and you’ll get customers into your store! They will appreciate the effort.

Update Your Social Media Account’s Graphics

Affordable photo-editing sites like Canva and PicMonkey make it easy to update your social media accounts according to holidays, special events, and seasons. You can update your business’ profile or cover pictures with seasonal items like leaves, pumpkins, turkeys, etc., or just incorporate a few trendy fall colours.

Image Ideas

  • Turkey
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Pictures
  • Cornucopia/Horn of Plenty
  • Fall leaves/Fall Forest
  • Pilgrims
  • Football (American)
  • Sunflowers
  • Pumpkins (Of Course)
  • Gardens or Harvest Pictures
  • Dried corn
  • Cranberries


Thanksgiving colour pallete is made up of warm colours: yellow, gold, green, orange, red and brown. These are the typical fall colours that bridge the harsh bright orange of Halloween and the warm tones of fall leaves.

If your followers are used to seeing your same logo or photo in their streams, updating these items seasonally can be what catches their eye and reminds them to check out your products. Besides it is a very fun way to market to your clients.

Hashtag The Turkey Holiday

Create a hashtag and use it to engage with your social media followers on your various social media channels. Hashtags are an excellent way to generate traffic to your social media sites from users interested in Thanksgiving.

You can mix it up by asking followers to share their favorite Thanksgiving memory (#thanksgivingthoughts) or ask them to share what they’re most thankful for this year (#givethanks). You could ask users to share awesome Thanksgiving recipes (#thanksgivingrecipes) or maybe even you decide to go the funny route and ask users to share their biggest Thanksgiving disaster (thxbutnothx) or (Thanksgivingnightmares).

Thanksgiving Hashtags

Here are some Thanksgiving-themed hashtags to get your social media campaign cooking. Oops, is that pun a little too on the nose???

#thanksgiving #thankful #love #family #fall #turkey #thanksgivingdinner #food #happythanksgiving #holiday #grateful #thanks #turkeyday #instagood #blessed #friends #autumn #gratitude #holidays #givethanks #foodporn #thanksgivingday #thanksgivingdecor #photooftheday #thankyou #life #foodie #happythanksgivng #celebrate #stuffing #pumpkin #holidayseason #familytime #giving #october #november #instagram #smallbusiness #friendsgiving #happy #feast #photography #shoplocal #travel #follow #explorepage #fallvibes #falldecor #pumpkinpie #like #canada #handmade #etsy #homemade #bhfyp

Get Involved In Your Community

October is the perfect time to give thanks back to your community, and one way to do this is by volunteering your time at a local charitable organization. If you have employees, organize a team and volunteer for a day (or more).

Whether it’s at an local women’s shelter, the SPCA or serving food at the local community kitchen, giving back to the community shows that you’re a business that cares. Make sure to take a team photo at the end of the day and post it on your business’ social media channels, with appropriate tags.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer, and are financially able to, designate a certain day(s) in October as a day you’ll donate a portion of proceeds to the charity of your choice.

Be sure to promote this day heavily in the weeks leading up to it on your website, social media, local newspaper and by word of mouth. You will be surprised at the ROI your business receives, plus you will feel good too.

Gratitude is the Only Attitude

If you sell online, you can make it a little more personal by including a handwritten thank-you note to your customers in your packaging. Since, you are unable to meet them face-to-face or speak to them on the phone, you can thank them for their business by writing them a quick note.

If you have too many customers to feasibly do this, type up a standard message and sign each one personally. You can recreate this with in-store customers, if you have a brick and mortar retail store. The note would help make the customer feel appreciated and spread the gratitude-attitude of the season.

Thanksgiving Themed Blog Ideas

Your blog is the perfect way to market to your customers. Having a Thanksgiving theme is the perfect way to spice up your regular blog posts. Okay that pun was way to much. Don’t hate me. Here are some cool blog post ideas to get you going:

  • How to cook Thanksgiving turkey perfectly
  • Thanksgiving alternatives for vegetarians or vegans
  • How to make turkey stuffing/dressing
  • Thanksgiving travel tips
  • Thanksgiving crafts for kids
  • Tips to enjoy Thanksgiving without worrying about ruining your diet
  • Thanksgiving outfit for dogs
  • 10 Snack ideas for your Thanksgiving leftovers
  • What to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers
  • Planning Thanksgiving on a budget
  • Thanksgiving traditions around the world
  • Post-Thanksgiving meal workout
  • Teaching children about gratitude
  • DIY Thanksgiving decorations
  • What to wear to Thanksgiving dinner
  • How to let your kids help make Thanksgiving dinner
  • Thanksgiving hairstyle inspiration
  • Colours to wear this Thanksgiving

Make sure to make the blog post informative, keyword rich and sharable.


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