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Integrated Marketing

You want to expand your business into new markets or re-position yourself in the marketplace or just increase your revenues. So how do you take your business to that next level?

A good place to start is by successfully marketing your business. In the day-to-day operation of your company-it is very easy to allow your best-laid marketing plans to go to the wayside. This is one of the most critical errors that can destroy a business.

That is where Sirf Marketing comes into play to help you increase profits by administering a focused integrated marketing campaign. Integrated marketing is the ultimate way to promote businesses in today’s marketplace. Sirf Marketing has implemented integrated marketing packages that start with a marketing plan and then implemented a campaign that positively promotes brand awareness for the clients. Such implemented strategies would include: logo, business card, website, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, print material, events, and more.

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All marketing campaigns need to begin with a concise marketing plan. Sirf Marketing has completed a variety of marketing plans for different clients around Canada. The plans outline: goals/objectives, target markets, deadlines, deliverables, competitor analysis, SWOT, general information and budget. Sirf Marketing has completed marketing plans for Restaurants, IT Companies, Small Retail Companies, and more.
Having a solid marketing plan in place is an excellent practice, However, marketing plans are only the first step in the process, the implementation is where all of the fun happens. Implementations could include a website, a special event or a targeted social media campaign. The best implementation can start at the logo and go all the way through the whole marketing toolkit.

Some Benefits of Integrated Marketing Management

Sirf Marketing offers tried and true web and traditional marketing solutions to market your business. Let’s work together and get your business out to the people with the right message!

  • Engage New and Existing Clients
  • Get Your Business Out to the People
  • Increase Profits/Revenue
  • Create a Positive Image for Your Business
  • Gain a Better Perspective of Your Organization
  • Mar­keters Can Antic­i­pate Action
  • Save Money By Planning Properly
  • Analytics Help Plan Business Flow
  • A Fine-Tuned Experience For Your Clients
  • Professional Marketing Gets The Job Done Properly
Every brand starts with a logo. The symbols, colours, typography and iconography set the tone for the brand. It must be done right to covey the best message to the targeted demographics. Sirf Marketing has designed a multitude of logos, utilizing best practices in design, to create a desirable image for a variety of clients and industries across Canada.
We offer clear and concise website design that is tailored to your unique business’ needs. We create content management systems that make it easy for you to keep your website current.

Websites are now at the forefront of marketing campaigns. Sirf Marketing has been designing websites for approximately 7 years. With the advent of hosted Content Management Systems like WordPress, we pride ourselves on creating websites that are sleak, easy-to-manage and have endless options. All of our sites are responsive, meaning they can be viewed properly on a variety of browsers and devices. As well, our websites are designed with a targeted Search Engine Optimization strategy, that drives traffic to your online media.

We have developed sites that included: E-Commerce options, PayPal Integration, Video, Polls/Voting, Custom Contact/Registration Forms, Social Integration, or Sharing, Members Areas, Messaging/Chat, Classified Sections, Forums, Appointment Setting, News Oriented, Lead Generation, and a variety of other cool options.

We have even created a social media site called Fred-E-Scene, that has options similar to Facebook with user profiles, cover photos, private chat, classifieds, sharing, groups, forums and more. As with all of our sites, it is mobile friendly, with clean navigation, is easy to use, and creates an overall positive User Experience (UX).

Some Benefits Of  A Website For Your Organization

The technology of the 21st has changed the core way that everyone does business. Every year, more and more people are conducting business transactions on the web. Your website can now be your 24/7/365 Sales Representative, for a fraction of the cost of an employee. We are proud to offer e-Commerce sites, payment options, and more. What can Sirf Marketing do for you today, to take your business into the future of commerce?

  • Relatively Inexpensive Compared To Advertising
  • Increase Your Availability to Clients
  • Convenience for Customers
  • Increase Your Marketing Reach
  • Create The Right Image For Your Organization
  • Personalization for Specific Business Needs or Goals
  • Streamline Your Business Day-to-Day Operations
Having a beautiful website is not enough anymore. You need to drive potential audience to the site with targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. Sirf Marketing has implemented a myriad of Organic and Pay-Per Click (PPC) campaigns that put clients to the top of search rankings.

All of our sites are designed using best practices for SEO giving clients a winning edge in search ranking. The organic approach coupled with a strategically planned PPC campaign will guarantee the optimal results for clients.
Social media is currently the main way to attract and engage target markets in a social context. Understanding the importance of this marketing tool, Sirf Marketing has 7 years experience setting up/maintaining social media accounts on variety of sites, including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. We have implemented a variety of social media campaigns for clients in a myriad of industries around the country. These social sites allow your business to interact with users like never before. You generate leads and bolster revenue. The maintenance is comprised of media planning, sharing exciting dynamic content, creating ad campaigns, growing users, optimization through analytics, and proving positive ROI to the clients. Training clients on how to properly use the media was another big component of the campaigns. Some Benefits of Social Media Marketing Leveraging social sites allow your business to interact with users like never before. You generate leads and bolster revenue. Engage Clients Directly Social Marketing Is The Trend Convenience for Customers Easily Increase Your Marketing Reach Foster Relationships with Social Marketing Ability to Work With Multiple Customers Works to Bolster Credibility
Email Marketing is a very important part of any web marketing strategy. It is the easiest way to connect with clients and tell them about upcoming events, specials new products and more. Who will we connect with today?
Content is definitely King. Engaging and interesting content is the engine that drives modern marketing. Whether it is a cool picture, an in-depth blog post or a funny video…content is what draws the user into the brand’s net. The best content is informative, personal and touching. By leveraging the power of dynamic content, marketers create a world where the brand rules on a personal level. Sirf Marketing has extensive experience with content management for a variety of clients, and understand the implications of quality content that attracts and engages.
Video and Audio are very important in modern social and viral marketing efforts. Both can instantly provide users with a large amount of information in a short time. The information can be quickly shared across networks that provides real insights into an organization’s activities. Sirf Marketing has experience with both mediums, and definitely understands the power that both hold in the modern marketer’s toolbox.

Let Sirf Marketing produce a testimonial video, an animated series, or a video tour of your location for you to use in your marketing. It is the ultimate way (and now the fastest growing media) to use to engage your prospective clients.

We offer video services, such as:

  • Web Video/Audio
  • Client Testimonials
  • Interviews or Dialogues
  • Custom Presentations
  • Motion Graphics/Animation
  • Social Video Site Setup & Maintenance
All of these activities need to be driven by analytics. By observing user behaviors, the diligent marketer gains real-time insight into the consumers of the media. Whether it is a Google Adword campaign, or a Facebook Promoted Post analyzing user trends, interactions and activity is of the utmost importance.

The data can be used to optimized current and future campaigns to maximize results and ultimate revenue for clients. Sirf Marketing understands the need for Analysis and Optimization in a successful marketing campaign, and have experience in implementing the practice to desired results.
Although, digital marketing is the main trend in marketing these days…print design is still an intricate part of the modern marketing strategy. Every business needs print and graphic design material in a marketing campaign. Whether, it is a business card or a large banner or a leave-behind or an ad in a magazine, we strive to produce innovative and concise print materials that consistently promote your brand. Business cards are still one of the most important tools in a marketing toolkit, as is: leave-behinds, print ads, banners, brochures, rack cards, product packaging, and more. Sirf Marketing has been designing print material for over 7 years and understand the importance of crisp, clean designed print materials to promoting positive brand awareness. We have won awards for our designs. Print Products That Stand Out Sirf Marketing can design a wide variety of products for your business. We even deal with the printers for you to ensure a quality product. We can design:
  • Business Cards
  • Rack Cards
  • Brochures/Leave-Behinds
  • Menus
  • Product packaging
  • Posters
  • Tickets/Tags
  • Booklets
  • Car Designs
  • Signage
  • and much more!
Events are another way to successfully promote an organization, business or product. Whether is is a grand opening, trade show, networking event or a product launch, events are a great way to give target markets personal insight into an organization’s current activities and offerings.

We understand the relevance of events in marketing strategies. Sirf Marketing has hosted or planned for a variety of events over the years including: networking events, special interest groups, music competitions, grand openings and more. Each event was carefully planned and executed to provide the desired result.