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Integrated Marketing You Can Trust

You want to expand your business into new markets or re-position yourself in the marketplace or just increase your revenues. So how do you take your business to that next level?

A good place to start is by successfully marketing your business. In the day-to-day operation of your company-it is very easy to allow your best-laid marketing plans to go to the wayside. This is one of the most critical errors that can destroy a business.

That is where Sirf Marketing comes into play to help you increase profits by administering a focused integrated marketing campaign. Integrated marketing is the ultimate way to promote businesses in today’s marketplace. Sirf Marketing has implemented integrated marketing packages that start with a marketing plan and then implemented a campaign that positively promotes brand awareness for the clients. Such implemented strategies would include: logo, business card, website, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, print material, events, and more.

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Marketing Plans Done Right

Marketing Plans

All marketing campaigns need to begin with a concise marketing plan. Sirf Marketing has completed a variety of marketing plans for different clients around Canada.

Website Design

Sirf Marketing + Design offers clear and concise award-winning website design that is tailored to your unique business’ needs.

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Award-Winning Website Design

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Graphic Design To Make Your Business Look Good

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is key to even the most basic of marketing plans. Sirf Marketing offers full print and graphic design services to make your business look good.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is currently the main way to attract and engage target markets in a social context.

Web Video & Audio

Video and Audio are very important in modern social and viral marketing efforts.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a very important part of any web marketing strategy. It is the easiest way to connect with clients and tell them about upcoming events, specials new products and more.

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Event Management

Sirf Marketing has extensive experience planning and implementing a wide variety of events.


Sirf Marketing + Design has extensive experience with all types of photography, ranging from product photography to events to general photography.

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